Rolling with 2



The recent poor weather means the CX bike has been getting all the love recently, with the Union Canal towpath (part of NCR 754) and the muddy paths and bridleways of Muiravonside Country Park providing the bulk of the parcours to keep the legs turning over winter.

The Avon Aquaduct

Listening to

You must remember this podcast

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 20.16.38.png

A podcast which takes a theme-based look at Film and Hollywood history, covering topics as wide-ranging as dead, blonde starlets; Walt Disney’s war-time work (turns out he thought perennial favourites Dumbo and Bambi were cheap and poorly-made); Bruce and Brandon Lee; and all the Brandos, Garlands, Taylor/Burtons and Hepburns you’d expect.
The episodes on Charles Manson are particularly brilliant.

As well as being spectacularly knowledgable about her subjects, it also helps that the host, Karina Longworth, has a honey-glazed voice and gentle, concise delivery that makes this podcast particularly listenable.


Michael Herr; Dispatches

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 20.15.30

A journalist’s account of his time covering the Vietnam War.
A lot of his stories became the basis for Apocalypse, Now and Full Metal Jackt, so if you like these films, you’ll love the book.


Recchia Le Muraie Valpolicella Ripasso

A spectacular Baby Amarone from the Veneto region of Italy.
Absolute heaven for those who like big strawberry jam and cherry flavours.

BCR Cafe shoot-40 2



Rolling with 1 – Daz CLIK HERE

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