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This Week – Graham T. I. McQueen

 This week as well as starting training for the Hell of the North and grafting, I have been attempting to Distil my own moonshine while listening to Country Rock music.

Its impossible to listen to as much music from the deep south as I do and not try your hand at moonshining!  The results have been a bit of a mixed bag so far but I can still see.


On The Bikes

As mentioned above, getting into training for the Hell of the North, Paris Roubaix sportive (6 Weeks and counting).  Been out Monday on the Mountain Bike around Callander Estate Trails, Tuesday spin on the Road Bike and got Friday off for a big day out around the Trossachs.  Thinking Dukes Pass loop from Falkirk.


Listening to:

All about proper rock and roll, Creedence Clearwater Revival and early Rod Stewart. (Atlantic Crossing).  House music is the musical equivalent of a Bromton, Rock and Roll is a hand built Reynolds steel slack angle MTB ripper!


Just finished Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky, fantastic book.  Sci-fi about the end of the world. A scientific experiment to speed up evolution on a distant planet goes wrong  and instead of primates, spiders evolve into an advanced civilisation.  They then eventually come into contact with the remains of the human race.  Brilliant.    Normally read anything by Neal Stephenson (best living sci-fi writer), Dan Simmons (fantastic sci-fi/historical adventure writer) or Barbara Kingsolver (remarkable character development and true to life situations with an environmental slant)..

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Love my wine as well, Bikes, Books and Booze!  The perfect blog.  I love red wine, on Saturday big Stu had a bottle of something from Two Hands winery in Australia which was fantastic,  I had had Two Hands Bella’s Garden Shiraz 2005 at new year and it was honestly one of the best Australian Shiraz I had ever tasted.   I had a shiraz by Tim Adams on Saturday which although not up to the two hands is always good and is available in Tesco!  Not had anything else since Saturday but think ill go French this weekend, got a couple of nice Bordeaux in the house awaiting opening, Ch Beychevelle always a favourite.

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Telly is generally dreadful but I did watch the start of the new series of Marcella last night, its written by the same guy that did the Danish programme The Bridge and they are both excellent.  Generally through, im awaiting the start of the real cycling season, will watch a lot more TV once the eurosport coverage of the classics gets into full swing.

Peace out, the hardest working man in cycling!

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Graham T.I. McQueen

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