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On the Bike

Snow snow snow,

Tis the season to board, sledge and occasionally head out on the fat tyred mountain bike and see if you can stay upright while out doing the milk and bread bingo.

I’m not a zwifter (yet) so the legs have had a long rest over this winter due to the amazing amounts of the white stuff we’ve had which has allowed me to indulge my other passion,  snowboarding with a couple of trips up to Glencoe.

Realising that my first sportive of the year is only 5 weeks away now has got me worried that I’ll be blowing up over the dukes pass and quaffing gels like smarties to get through it. Got to start sometime though.

Listening to music

I came across Meute on a Ministry of Sound feed showing them in a quiet street somewhere dressed in full band camp garb.

They knock out a stunning version of Laurent Garniers “The man with the red face” which has a massive crowd of onlookers loving every minute of it.

A quick Spotify search later and I’ve been all over them since.

They’re quite like Hackney Colliery Band, another favourite of recent times.

Also been enjoying the new track from Unknown mortal orchestra. A fantastic live band who seem to have stepped it up again with the new stuff

Reading a book

I’ve just finished “Five minutes of amazing, my journey through dementia” by Chris Graham.

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Not my usual kind of read but really enjoyed the strength of character shown by Chris who has a gene which brings on early onset dementia.

A soldier all his days he had planned to ride round North America in his final year of service to close out his army life with a bang but things didn’t happen as smoothly as he’d hoped.

After finding out he had this gene which had killed many family members he informed the army of his condition but little did he know that this would bring his service and recent promotion to a crashing halt.

Having never ridden more than 40 miles he sets off solo on a 16000 mile adventure on a steel bike and trailer which carries him round an amazing route that he’s able to complete 4 months quicker than planned.

Chapeu Chris

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Drinking ( wine, wine or wine)(or beer)

Kinneil Brew Hoose is a local microbrewery from Bo’ness which started up in 2011 behind the Corbie Inn pub. Having a pub dedicated to real ales next door meant the beer quickly found an appreciative audience and Stuart the brew master is regularly on hand to show drinkers round the brewery.

I’ve always loved their dark Caer Edin brew but Stuart is always trying new mixes and has produced some great special editions over the years. Just now he’s working his way through a new set of six which I’ve been enjoying this week. The orange blossom was especially enjoyable.

You can get some of his beers HERE

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 21.58.20


A Netflix documentary called Meru.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 21.46.25

It follows 3 elite climbers attempting to climb The Sharks Fin on Mount Meru in India, one of the world’s most difficult peaks.

Stunning cinematography and unbelievably hard conditions, along with some some superhuman efforts make for a great watch.

Hopefully we can get some miles in soon when the big thaw comes along

Happy rolling


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