Rolling with 9

Riding (or should that be running)

Firstly, I’ll openly admit to being a 2 season cyclist, and not much of a cyclist at that. Running is my default winter activity. I’ve had a reasonable last few months training for the Alloa half marathon.

This as it turns out was cancelled due to snow. Ever the optimist I’m seeing this as an opportunity to get even fitter for the re-scheduled date. I’m hoping it doesn’t clash with the >>Aviemore 100. Yes bring the topic back to cycling I have signed up for this new event in the highlands. This will be my first event with the BCR boys. Looking forward to the banter, camaraderie and not keeping up on the bike.  I’m hoping having entered this event will inspire/shame me into getting in some two wheeled training


So far this year I’ve only managed some minor climbs on a hired MTB in Lanzarote. Nice scenery but lots of huffing and puffing.


>>The Memory of Running by Ron McLarty – Before you start this is not a book about running. It is however a book that has cycling at its core. Basically a middle age man who hasn’t amounted to much has a life changing moment when both his elderly parents are killed. He then sets off on his trusty childhood Raleigh. This takes him across America east coast to west to find the body of his mentally deranged sister (also dead). His journey and the characters that he meets and the help he gets along his way are incredible. A life affirming read.


Queens of the Stone Age –  Villains

Being a long term QOTSA fan (I remember being front row at the Barra’s in 2003) I was concerned to hear that Mark Ronson was going to produce their latest album. I was thinking one-way ticket to Popsvile. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’m still at the stage that it’s growing on me but so far so good, it has enough darkness and edge, even if the production is a little crisp.


>>The IT crowd.

Capture 1

Ok so this has been around for a while but although I was aware of it when it first aired I only dipping into the occasional episode. Now decided to watch the lot. Currently half way though and not regretting one minute. Classic.


>>Diplimatico Rum. The Gin is dead, long live the Rum. Apparently! Watch all these Gin joints going to the dark side. I enjoyed copious amounts of this one on my Xmas night out. Still need to get a bottle for the house.

Yable Pale Ale. While on holiday I stumbled across this little number that was brewed on the island. Crisp and refreshing.


Happy Rolling


Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.19.54


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