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Clocks going forward last weekend certainly put a spring in ma step. To the degree that the bike was grabbed as soon as missus got home from day shift on Sunday. I set out on a wee twilight randonee up, down and around the quiet back roads of Candie. Was hoping to do 20 odd miles or so, but the nights hadn’t drawn oot as far as I thought with the +1. Withno lights on the bike, an about turn was necessary at the hinterlands of Avonbrig. (You dont want to be caught there after dark efter aw!)

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 22.31.50Exploration and the road less travelled is what its all about when out on my bike sojourns, so it was just the ticket when Craig gave me a crash course on google maps this week. Wi new found skills, A quick recce ensued that opened ma eyes tae all the extra add ons, nooks and crannies of roads that could potentially be the parkour for a wee +50 mile BCR spring leg stretcher. So watch this space.


Getting ma guitar rocks off tae this

Getting ma chilled dancyness spilling out tae this Sebastien Teller beauty. If this disnae inspire you to go off piste in anything…….    then……then …… finish the sentence yirself ya conformist yi! P.S, Longest and best intro ever, HANG IN THERE FOR 4 MINUTES


You know, when your a kid and Wimbledon is on? Then you go out and play tennis in the street with your pals or when the Open was on and you would bound down the local fitbaw park with the clubs and a disposition tae break windows? Well in adulthood that’s what the Spring Classics are doing for me. Watching Gent Wevelgem, E3 Harelbake and Tour of Flanders has flipped the wanderlust button. Time to transition from a winter of frustrating new turbo trainer fails(dont buy a bkool smart pro 2) to the real world. Plus, cani wait tae watch Paris Roubaix this Sunday coming. Don’t forget we are hosting this at Canalside. >>Click here for more info.

Paris ROubaix


Currently snowboarding in Passi Tonale. The town is split down the middle. One half in Lombardy the other in Trentino. Not only is this region stunning and steeped in cycling history (Tour of Lombardy) but Trentino is also home to some of Italy’s finest wines. As luck/fortune would have it we noticed a sign when partaking in a lil bit apres… advertising a ‘local wine & hot chocolate tasting’ Hot chocolate for the kids obviously!! The tasting got off tae a rather inauspicious start when I scaled a water(palate cleansing obviously) and in the attempted clean up, managed tae topple and smash two of the wine glasses. Luckily they hadn’t been charged yet!  Anyways boarding a bit off piste here, crux of the story- the Trentino >>Gewurztraminer was dynamite. Not as sweet as it’s Alsace brethren , but a smooth long balanced swalli. A quality gurgle.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 22.03.39


Phil Gaimons – >>Draft Animals 

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 22.12.30Dude took pelters in book reviews for being the “guy that never went to the party but told everyone all the stories” Well thats insider talk that us outsiders will never fathom! Anyways there was a storm in a tea cup when he fluffed up the HUGE rumour  that >>Fabian Cancellara used mechanical assistance in some of his monument wins.  Lawyers were involved but thankfully free speech has won the day and now it will be settled by a pistols at dawn escapade, where in retirement they will race each other. For Phil…knife to a gunfight amigo, although parkour could have a big play. P.S. i hope the underdog wins. Back to the book ; It’s funny, revealing and a definite page turner.  Note : the Schleck brothers get more of a pounding than Cancellara in this.

Happy Rolling


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