Velodio- Domestiqué

Introducing ‘Domestiqué’. The first official release from our VELODIO project.

Domestiqué is a musical composition that immerses the listener in the beating heart of the road race from the drops of the team Domestiqué.   Bringing to life the emotional tapestry and kaleidoscope that engulfs the Spartan of the team.

Press play then read accompanying listening notes below.  The Dmoestiqué is getting the column inches they deserve.

Available to stream on all your weapons of choice or to download on ITUNES or AMAZON 

Domestiqué- Listening notes

The composition rolls in with the Domestiqué in the maelstrom of the service vehicles.  Retrieving, provisions and instructions for imminent dissemination. Launched back into the fray by the team car.

Filtered and flanging high hats fluttering, evoking the transient oppression of the overhead helicopter rotors.

The Domestiqué is a seeker.  Rampaging through the peloton on a smooth mission of dissemination on a one-way journey to physical destruction

Forever alert to machiavellian opportunities to attack and dance on the misfortune of others.  Pushing and cajoling through the eager peloton, tearing at any loose thread in the fabric of the race.

Reaching the head of the race, the Domestiqué has a dual mission.  Pull his team to glory and push the competitors to the brink of destruction.   The wailing and lamenting guitar is that moment.  In isolation, the Domestiqué is racing head down towards the cliff edge until the precipice of abandonment approaches.  The dropping penny’s the last bastions of resolve and energy, both quickly decaying.

With a swelling of calf and heaving of thighs, the alchemy of adrenaline, determination and desperation take hold and spark a final surge. The pounding bass pushes the kinetic rhythm the composition and the Domestiqué into the hypnotic cadence of the warriors. The race fueling the heart and the lactic drowning, the screaming legs -The last remaining flurries of the battle unfold.

Pinheads of sweat cascade and bomb the ground below. The matador falls on his own sword as the bulls blur into the horizon. An instrument in the orchestration of glory of others.  One day it will befall the Domestique.  But today it’s relief, gasping relief of salvation and celebration. Tomorrow the battles will begin again.

The Domestiqué rides on one road and one road only.  The void between the gutter and the stars…….

I would like to thank fellow Rouleur Neil Lawson for the wailing lamenting guitar on this track.  I’ll be calling on some fellow rouleurs to perform on some other compositions.


This song was inspired after Neil and myself went to Paris for the final day of the Tour.  We spent the day cycling around the city before settling into the Columbian thrum of the Champs Elysee for Egan Bernals victory precession.  We got a  front-row seat where we were served a cheese board and bottle of red (or two) by a very moody and typically french waiter.  Goti luv le tour.

With the race in our ears, the song practically started writing itself on our return to the campsite… after a very expensive uber.  Yes, we missed our last train due to a heady concoction of Fench wine, cheese and Columbian music.

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Once DOMESTQUÉ was in the can, I wanted to create a raw percussive remix whilst the lactic was still in the legs.  I called this the Alaphilippe mix in honour of the swashbuckling, maverick French rider.



Happy Rolling
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