This is Velodio

Introducing “VELODIO”.  A new music concept that celebrates cycling through a rich and diverse tapestry of electronic music.  Written by cyclists,  performed by cyclists(ish).  To yir lugs will be delivered a techno-coloured kaleidoscope of compositions. Some riders collect bidons, musettes, casquets when they visit races. For the last three years, I have been collecting sounds, rhythms and ideas from the VUELTA, TOUR & GIRO. A kinetic palette to create sonic emulation of the iconic cols, the swashbuckling protagonists, the crazy fans and all those character-defining moments of the riders and rouleurs who choose to ride the road less travelled.

Releases…to date.. include

  • Domestiqué’ – A cinematic immersion in a bike race from the viewpoint of a Domestiqué
  • Domestiqué- Alaphilippe mix-  A stripped-back heavily percussive rework. Tagged to Alaphilippe due to its rambunctious fearless attack.
  •  ‘Flahute’- a rough and ready house track set against the silhouette of the Flahute pounding the Flandria pave

In a world of endless music genres, let’s make our own for the cycling community and let’s call it ‘VELODIO’

However, a breakaway is itching to get up the road. So stay tuned for tunes like…

  • ‘ Man In Yellow’.  A story of exploration and discovery delivered on a carrier wave of Indie disco- The cycling artist ‘ The Veloist’ has created an amazing piece of cover art to compliment the story. BelowCover Art by Michael Valenti
  • Velo-Nova – a narrative of Bike infatuation laying on a bed of deep house
  • Rey de Las Montana’s – A piano-laden house track with vintage commentary of historic races.

Big thanks to fellow rouleur Neil Lawson for riffing on a few of the tracks.  Andy Hume, ma Citisin cohort for laying down THE bass.  Tom Main for some quality social media portraits and last but not least Michael Valenti for not only catalysing the concept but producing the cover art above for upcoming release



If you are a cycling artist and would like to get involved and have a track or piece of art you would like showcased on here and the Velodio playlists then get in touch.  love a collab opportunity to so don’t be shy.  Alternatively, if you have art you would like considered as cover art for upcoming releases then also get in touch at 


Head over to your streaming service and tap in ‘Ruff as Flock’ or hit some of the links below.

The tunes will also be available to download at ITUNES and AMAZON.


In a world of endless music genres, let’s make our own for the cycling community-VELODIO- Let’s spread the word  









Happy Rolling

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