Launched in 2017 as an online peloton for creative, curious and adventurous types alike.  If you have a passion for turning pedals, corkscrews, tuning pegs or even heads, then this is the place for you.

Stories, music, tastes , and sounds will abound delivering a fresh, unrefracted view on the life we call cycling.

If you don’t know where to start, let us make it easy by road-mapping the posts that cover the variety and diversity in our topics and writing styles.


  1.  Ride to the Sun
  2. Tour of the Highlands
  3. Rolling with
  4. Why I Cycle by Greg Ryan

In our online clubhouse we’ll deliver short to long form tales from the road.  There will be a weekly ‘Rolling with’ post focusing a different BCR rider each week.  We’ll bring you unique insights into the creative types that are drawn to cycling, like deodorant cans to a village bonfire.  Not to mention anything else that piques our interest. But thats just the online stuff. Offline we’ll have BCR socials and regular roll outs.

Our “Home made jams” page will be our gallery to showcase songs, art and photography curated from the wealth of local artists, rouleurs and cohorts.

All of this will be presented by the Braes City Rouleurs, a collective of like-minded cycle loving story tellers and artists based in Central Scotland, armed only with a subject and a predicate.

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Photography:  Massive thanks to Greg Ryan at fromthelensofg@gmail.com for the great shoot and the website photo’s.  The philosophy of The BCR brilliantly captured in a still frame.

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