Rolling with 4…( Stu)


On the Bike

If you’re the kind of chap who, like me, likes to get out on his bike regularly, the weathers been against us lately!

There’s been a few days’ window now and again but lately there’s been days on end of snow, ice, high winds, usually all at the same time!

I’m a bit wary of icy roads these days after earning a couple of broken ribs in 2016, going for it up the Snab Brae in Bo’ness! Continue reading “Rolling with 4…( Stu)”

Rolling with 3…(Daz)


On the bike

A couple of rides this week.  Both almost culminating in me puking.

First ride. Up Alpe D’huez on the BKOOL virtual simulator.  Quite a few bends on that eh? Got dizzy cycling in circles in ma man cave!!! Almost fell into the wardrobe at one point . I wonder if I did? would i come oot o it a cyclist? Still faking it till I make it(there) though.

The second ride was suffering in the pissing rain on a cold Saturday morning afternoon, with a belter of  hangover. ( I had tae pick up my van at Croy train station. 17 miles away.). All seemed liked a great plan the day before!!

Continue reading “Rolling with 3…(Daz)”

Tour of The Highlands – PART 3 of A Wee Burl

Morning sun streams through the bathroom window,  casting a naked alien like shadow against the wall.  I’m stood in the bath tub and ready to shock my system with some cold exposure therapy i.e. an icy cold shower.

Five minutes earlier I had awoken, stock still and anxious to see how my body had recovered from yesterday’s exertions.  A quick body scan later and the news was good, not great…just good.  It doesn’t feel ma own. Aye, It’s stiff and aching, but it’s a good ache and it feels better, even a little bit stronger. Although that could still be the after effects of last nights Peroni’s right enough! Continue reading “Tour of The Highlands – PART 3 of A Wee Burl”

Tour of The Highlands -Part 2 A Wee Burl



Stu checks his “Well I’m fucked then, I’m banging oot 187BPM ” he blurts oot with sweat cascading fae his chin. Wish I had kept ma masterplan stoom now!  Anyway it has landed and he’s slowing. I don’t know whether it’s deliberate or psychosomatic.  Not wanting tae upset the climbing rhythm I’ve got going, I start tae slowly edge away fae him.  We turn a corner and the Lawers Dam comes into full view, but just as it does I see a photographer hunkered down beside a big rock, with a long range lens pointing doon the road towards us.  Fuck knows what happens, but a switch in ma head is flicked and I come over all Berty Contador. Springing up out the saddle, shifting up a few gears. In ma mind I’m like a gazelle, prancing across the Savanah. A vision of poetry in motion. In reality, nowhere near it, probably look more like Dan Martin, putting a fire out with his feet, whilst chewing a highland toffee! Never did see that photo. Continue reading “Tour of The Highlands -Part 2 A Wee Burl”

Tour of The Highlands – Part 1 A Wee Burl


wee burl

It’s 5am on a Saturday at the end of May and we find ourselves in a Wig-Wam in the Trossachs.

My phone is playing a piano arpeggio. It’s cheesy but better than those needle to the eyeball beeps of the default alarm.

I bolt upright, Frankenstein like.

It’s here, day one of the Tour of the Highlands.

My hand pads the bed to find my phone.   I thumb the home button and stop the alarm.
It’s been a shit night’s sleep; tossing and turning all night long in this Wig-Wam/sauna. I am half-baked with excitement, half seared by the heat. I remember being fully compes mentis since four am. At least that is when the cockerel started cocka-doodle-f*****g-doing. Continue reading “Tour of The Highlands – Part 1 A Wee Burl”

Tour of The Highlands – Introduction

A Wee Burl in the Highlands is the story of The BCR’s  participation in the Tour of the Highlands. A three day multi stage sportive that loops the Scottish highlands, tackling eight categorised climbs, four ski centres and two of the highest roads in Britain.

What started as a virginal attempt at a multi day sportive soon turned into a whole lot more.  No self aggrandizing promises of ‘Voyage’s of discovery’ or ‘battles against adversity’ here! Just the trials and tribulations, warts and all account of three dudes attempting to do something they haven’t done before.

Originally penned as a lessons learned type journal but the words kept coming, so I let them be ( excluding the vicious editing and grammatical errors).  The full story from start to finish is captured in six instalments and written  in conversational style to preserve ma colloquial tongue.

NOTE: No animals were hurt in the making of this, not even a cockeral ( that quite possibly could have been)


To enter The Tour of The Highlands 2018 CLICK HERE



BCR Cafe shoot-33


Ride To The Sun

019Sportives and mass-participation events are ubiquitous these days. Pick any weekend between April and October and you’ll have an innumerable choice of organised events at which to indulge your passion for turning pedals.
The ubiquity, and increasingly monetised nature of much of these events leave some looking for something a bit different, though.
It’s this search for something different that now has me pinging through deepest Midlothian, at 20mph……at 1 in the morning! Continue reading “Ride To The Sun”

Rolling with 1…(Daz)

On the bike

Getting back  intae the fitness malarkey after the New year. Weathers not been conducive tae enjoyable cycling just now, so it’s been 2 “Virtual” rides on the turbo trainer and 2 lunchtime runs  this week.

Highlight being a virtual ride up the Majorcan bucket lister  ‘Sa Colobra’ climb on BKool simulator.  Almost got wiped out by a bus aswell or should I say , whoever filmed the footage almost did. Continue reading “Rolling with 1…(Daz)”