Everesting T-2

T-2 to Everesting Cairngorm

In Aviemore now for our forthcoming Everesting fundraiser on Cairngorm.  I awoke at 4am and decided to get up, shake the body into getting used to an early rise ( and thus early bed) for the gargantuan effort required in two days time.

I’m nervous.  Excited nervous.  Things are building up, the logistics, movement of people especially now the C19 haze is (hopefully) receding.  Nutrition, carb depleting- carb load( yeehah).  Bike checks, kit check, kids having fun checks.  Sitting when I can stand, laying down when I can sit etc etc  All about energy conservation now.

We lost our best friend Mikey to Mouth cancer.  A cancer that is unduly stigmatised as the cancer for smokers and Alkies.   Mikey was neither.

It was late 2019, deep in our grief when I had the idea to raise awareness, raise funds for some pioneering research that may one day mean, that some other family doesn’t have to suffer and lose a loved one like ours.

Aviemore and in particular Caingorm & Loch Morlich is a place we hold dear in familial hearts.  A place our two families would often share some amazing times. Thus EVERESTING Cairngorm was a no brainer.  I spoke about it to family as its not just a spit and polish on anyone’s fitness to realise.  I took on a cycling coach.  I needed focus.  The regimen of a coach and in particular someone to hold me responsible and accountable for completing training sessions.   To easy to reach for the remote control in the dark winter months instead of the power button for the wahoo kicker.

I hit the turbo through January and February like nobody’s business and then we all know what happened.  Instead of getting fitter our community collective spirit was now to get and stay healthy ( touch wood).  Not to impair the immune system with going deep in training.  I kept training on the turbo all through the pandemic to the revised plan set out by my coach Richard.  Not knowing if Everesting was even feasible due to lockdown and travel restrictions, then only in the last month are we seeing some pinhead of light at the end of the tunnel.

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The travel ban was getting lifted in July.  This didn’t leave much of a window.  I set my sights on 17th July .  Went public with the intention.  Kicked off the fundraiser Wrote a song to soundtrack the event with a sample of Mikey on it.  We are now on 15th July.

This has pretty much taken over our family life and now I just want to hit the start line for fear of losing health, fitness or picking up an injury and everything going to waste.  And then the weight of expectation lifted- it wouldn’t go to waste would it? We set out to celebrate Mikey’s life and raise awareness and funds for head, neck and mouth cancer research.  Out of a target of £2000 we are almost at £5000.  Incredible.

Who knows what the next few days will hold, but one things for sure.  Once i roll that start line, I’ll be giving it my full heart and spirit with the support of a very special family and friends.

Please dive into the fundraiser and spread the word. Links below



The song is available to download at bandcamp with all proceeds going to Oracle cancer research.


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Happy Rolling