Velodio- Man In Yellow

Cover Art by Michael Valenti

Next up and available to stream or download at ITUNES, AMAZON and all your streaming weapons of choice is ‘Man in Yellow’.  An infectious slice of indie disco with cover art from none other than The Veloist- Michael Valenti

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Man In Yellow- Listening notes

This song is one of those ephemeral joys that visit your muse fleetingly.  It all came together pretty quickly.  The joy of simplicity.  I had the lyric ‘ when all else fails’ bouncing around my mind since the Interview with Michael Valenti, I kept thinking that his throwaway line  ”  When all else fails you follow yellow right?”  was a chorus line in the making.  Then one night somewhere between playing with the kids and dinner I started noodling on the guitar before I knew it I was riffing on a simplistic three-chord wonder with a rhythm along the lines of Ryan Admas – New York- New York and the lyrics started flowing.  Get my phone for me boys’ need to get this down on voice recorder. Before I knew it I’ve got a chorus and two verses on my hands.  That very night, with a wine bottle in hand I retired to the studio to put the bones of the song down that you hear today.

It was only natural that I would name drop Michael as a musical dof of the cap and thank you.  The majority of what is heard on the release is from this original sketch session recorded in Ableton.  The plan was to go back and re-record all the parts but loved the feel, vibe and rawness of the session.  So pretty much demo guitars and vocals have survived in the final cut.

The track demo was laid down very quickly.  I got fellow Rouleur Neil Lawson to add some riffage and then,  I wasn’t going to add any bass as the song was holding up good, but couldn’t resist the temptation to invite our Citisin cohort and bassist Andy Hume into the studio who always hears the music between the notes.  see what it would do to the track. He practically nailed it in a few straight through takes. The dudes are gifted musician’s.

Andy & Neil laying doon the Bass and Lead in the summer house in the winter


  • The song is a story of a weekend fuelled by morning bike rides and afternoon/night trips into Glagow with the wife. The country club ( a tongue in cheek colloquial reference to our village golf club)  was on the brink of closure at the time of writing.  Thankfully, now and thriving.
  • Once the song was taking shape I contacted Michael Valenti to check and request..

a) He was cool with the name drop?

b) He would be interested in sketching out some cover art?  You’ll agree the cover art is amazing and captures the playfulness of the song perfectly.

Cover Art by Michael Valenti

  • The maillot Jaune refrain is a cheeky poke at the stereotype of our auld alliance gallic French friends.  This was inspired and kind of a pastiche on my favourite scene in the french movie AMELIE.  The scene where Lucien is making fun of his boss on the grocery stall.
  • The crowd noise in the break was recorded live at The Brewdog/Crank it up/Zwift event we attended earlier this year in Edinburgh.
  • A wee gadge in cargo pants and work boots fuelled with a few free brewdogs fancied a go and this was the crowd pushing him on as he bumbled over the line  at least a minute after his opponents.  Chapeau


If you like the song spread the word and if you are a cycling musician/artist or both and want to get involved in VELODIO in any way shape or form, give us a shout.

Happy Rolling


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This is Velodio

Introducing “VELODIO”.  A new music concept that celebrates cycling through a rich and diverse tapestry of electronic music.  Written by cyclists,  performed by cyclists(ish).  To yir lugs will be delivered a techno-coloured kaleidoscope of compositions. Some riders collect bidons, musettes, casquets when they visit races. For the last three years, I have been collecting sounds, rhythms and ideas from the VUELTA, TOUR & GIRO. A kinetic palette to create sonic emulation of the iconic cols, the swashbuckling protagonists, the crazy fans and all those character-defining moments of the riders and rouleurs who choose to ride the road less travelled.

Releases…to date.. include

  • Domestiqué’ – A cinematic immersion in a bike race from the viewpoint of a Domestiqué
  • Domestiqué- Alaphilippe mix-  A stripped-back heavily percussive rework. Tagged to Alaphilippe due to its rambunctious fearless attack.
  •  ‘Flahute’- a rough and ready house track set against the silhouette of the Flahute pounding the Flandria pave

In a world of endless music genres, let’s make our own for the cycling community and let’s call it ‘VELODIO’

However, a breakaway is itching to get up the road. So stay tuned for tunes like…

  • ‘ Man In Yellow’.  A story of exploration and discovery delivered on a carrier wave of Indie disco- The cycling artist ‘ The Veloist’ has created an amazing piece of cover art to compliment the story. BelowCover Art by Michael Valenti
  • Velo-Nova – a narrative of Bike infatuation laying on a bed of deep house
  • Rey de Las Montana’s – A piano-laden house track with vintage commentary of historic races.

Big thanks to fellow rouleur Neil Lawson for riffing on a few of the tracks.  Andy Hume, ma Citisin cohort for laying down THE bass.  Tom Main for some quality social media portraits and last but not least Michael Valenti for not only catalysing the concept but producing the cover art above for upcoming release



If you are a cycling artist and would like to get involved and have a track or piece of art you would like showcased on here and the Velodio playlists then get in touch.  love a collab opportunity to so don’t be shy.  Alternatively, if you have art you would like considered as cover art for upcoming releases then also get in touch at 


Head over to your streaming service and tap in ‘Ruff as Flock’ or hit some of the links below.

The tunes will also be available to download at ITUNES and AMAZON.


In a world of endless music genres, let’s make our own for the cycling community-VELODIO- Let’s spread the word  









Happy Rolling

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Velodio- Domestiqué

Introducing ‘Domestiqué’. The first official release from our VELODIO project.

Domestiqué is a musical composition that immerses the listener in the beating heart of the road race from the drops of the team Domestiqué.   Bringing to life the emotional tapestry and kaleidoscope that engulfs the Spartan of the team.

Press play then read accompanying listening notes below.  The Dmoestiqué is getting the column inches they deserve.

Available to stream on all your weapons of choice or to download on ITUNES or AMAZON 

Domestiqué- Listening notes

The composition rolls in with the Domestiqué in the maelstrom of the service vehicles.  Retrieving, provisions and instructions for imminent dissemination. Launched back into the fray by the team car.

Filtered and flanging high hats fluttering, evoking the transient oppression of the overhead helicopter rotors.

The Domestiqué is a seeker.  Rampaging through the peloton on a smooth mission of dissemination on a one-way journey to physical destruction

Forever alert to machiavellian opportunities to attack and dance on the misfortune of others.  Pushing and cajoling through the eager peloton, tearing at any loose thread in the fabric of the race.

Reaching the head of the race, the Domestiqué has a dual mission.  Pull his team to glory and push the competitors to the brink of destruction.   The wailing and lamenting guitar is that moment.  In isolation, the Domestiqué is racing head down towards the cliff edge until the precipice of abandonment approaches.  The dropping penny’s the last bastions of resolve and energy, both quickly decaying.

With a swelling of calf and heaving of thighs, the alchemy of adrenaline, determination and desperation take hold and spark a final surge. The pounding bass pushes the kinetic rhythm the composition and the Domestiqué into the hypnotic cadence of the warriors. The race fueling the heart and the lactic drowning, the screaming legs -The last remaining flurries of the battle unfold.

Pinheads of sweat cascade and bomb the ground below. The matador falls on his own sword as the bulls blur into the horizon. An instrument in the orchestration of glory of others.  One day it will befall the Domestique.  But today it’s relief, gasping relief of salvation and celebration. Tomorrow the battles will begin again.

The Domestiqué rides on one road and one road only.  The void between the gutter and the stars…….

I would like to thank fellow Rouleur Neil Lawson for the wailing lamenting guitar on this track.  I’ll be calling on some fellow rouleurs to perform on some other compositions.


This song was inspired after Neil and myself went to Paris for the final day of the Tour.  We spent the day cycling around the city before settling into the Columbian thrum of the Champs Elysee for Egan Bernals victory precession.  We got a  front-row seat where we were served a cheese board and bottle of red (or two) by a very moody and typically french waiter.  Goti luv le tour.

With the race in our ears, the song practically started writing itself on our return to the campsite… after a very expensive uber.  Yes, we missed our last train due to a heady concoction of Fench wine, cheese and Columbian music.

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Once DOMESTQUÉ was in the can, I wanted to create a raw percussive remix whilst the lactic was still in the legs.  I called this the Alaphilippe mix in honour of the swashbuckling, maverick French rider.



Happy Rolling
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